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Welcome to Millstream Laundry
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Drop off or coin op
Free pick up and delivery
Bring it in or call us and we will pick it up - FREE
We wash with treated water and use non-allergenic soaps, fabric softners and spot cleaners.  Items are fully dried, steam pressed, folded or hung and packaged for easy transport.
CALL US TODAY  815-385-2063 
 ask about our first time customer FREE SERVICE

We do more than just wash laundry.
Call us- we will wash it!
Boat/Car covers, horse blankets, mops, rags, rugs, couch cushions, uniforms

McHenry's Largest Coin-op Washing machine
(six loads in one machine)


1304 N front St

Phone: 815-385-2063

Hours: 6am to 10pm everyday